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About Us

cofi is a product management and software development agency renowned for their work on the Roblox platform.

We're currently leading Emotes CO., one of Roblox's top 100 game studios.

We're also exploring work in software engineering and project management for individuals or companies.

Our Founders

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Hiya, I'm AllowSleep - I'm a computing enthusiast and software engineer based in the UK.

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Hey, I'm evn – a tech enthusiast who thrives on problem-solving challenges!

Our Projects

Want to be a part of this list? Reach out to us using the details below!

Emotes CO.

Emotes CO. is the studio behind TTD 3, Roblox's top social hangout experience!

We're creating the home for users to create their best social media videos, and form lasting friendships through the power of dance.

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Happy Home

Happy Home is cofi's homebase experience.

Hang out with your friends in a simple environment that might be familiar to some older Roblox users...

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We're excited to work with individuals or companies who want to enhance their presence in the metaverse.

If you wish to contact us directly, please email us at [email protected]. Otherwise, feel free to tune into our various other platforms!
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